We All Live With The Objectives Of Being Happy

Many people hold grudges, deep ones, that can last a lifetime.
Many are unable to let go of the anger they feel towards those who “wronged” them in the past.
Grudges are like toxic clutter invading your soul and stealing your happiness.
Today, I challenge you to talk to someone you didn’t contact for a while because of some argument or disagreement.
Deep down inside you, you know you should vanish that grudge from your mind. It steals your happiness.
The longer we hold a grudge the more difficult it is to forgive and move on. You can start freeing yourself when you begin to forgive.

One Love ❤️

Greatness Is a Decision

Greatness is a DECISION 😎 💪

You decide what your limits are
You decide your level of success
You have the power to choose greatness

In order to tap into your power, you need to believe deep down that your dream life is there for the taking when you learn to persevere. 😎
People who are doing what you want to do are willing to take hits, they handle rejection and they work harder than anyone else around them. 💥

Greatness wasn’t handed to them, they CHOSE it.

So what are you choosing?

One love ❤️

CBD testimonial: being unhappy

“I’ve always lived with a dark cloud above my head; 😥 the feelings over being overwhelmed, panicking at the smallest things, being unhappy; I felt like I lived in a sea of tears. I barricaded myself inside and feared the outside world. When I noticed it wasn’t only taking a toll on me anymore, but also my family

I knew I had to do something. 🤔 11 months ago, CBD entered my world and completely opened a whole new life for me. 🌱 I’m happy, I’m smiling, I’m dancing. I’m active as a mother and have no fear of the outside world. I’m rested and alive. 🔥💪 Not only do I feel better as a mom and wife – I notice how much happier my husband and kids are too to have me around… 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Which puts things into perspective for me.

Thank you for giving me a life I never knew existed before CBD.”💚

Courtney, Kansas

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Never Give Up On a Dream

People who succeed in achieving their dreams have developed their mindset to push themselves and to always find a solution to any challenges 😎
It is hard to see any significant progress if you look at on a daily or weekly basis 🤔
Look at your progress over several months or years, then you can see how far you’ve come and what you’ve built in your life

One Love ❤️

Happiness is more important than success 😎

🦋 Success Won’t Do You Any Good If You Are Not Happy
🦋 Finding Fulfillment is the Highest End
🦋 The Desire to be Happy is the Underlying Goal that Motivates Every Item on your List of Goals and Ambitions
🦋 Finding Happiness First Can Boost Your Success

Who is with me to do this 30 days HAPPINESS challenge?
I love doing that in December because the holidays are usually a time of happiness but for some people, it is not for diverse reasons.
So if you are that person, I am with YOU, I want you to reach out to someone or me and we can do this challenge together and share our experiences. You are NOT alone. 😍

We could start tomorrow Sunday the 1st of December 💕

One Love ❤️

Gratitude Creates A Vision For Tomorrow

Gratitude is our emotion that relates to our ability to feel and express thankfulness and appreciation. 😍

Our days rarely go according to plan or without unexpected challenges. Would you agree? 😉

🔹 Gratitude can motivate behaviors that ultimately lead to self-improvement and positive change.
🔹 Gratitude has been linked with success and achievement in multiple life domain
🔹 Gratitude also inspires us to perform kind acts for others.
🔹 Gratitude motivates us not only to improve our own life but also the circumstances of the people around us.

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow. 🙌

One Love ❤️

CBD Recipes : Banana Smoothie

Looking to mix up your morning smoothie routine or afternoon energy booster? Plan for this delicious rise and shine recipe !

CBD oil 🌱 is rich in vitamins, including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Try this CBD-infused banana cinnamon smoothie:
+ 15mg Cinnamon CBD Oil⁣⁣
+ 1 banana 🍌⁣⁣
+ 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon ⁣⁣
+ 1 tablespoon honey 🍯⁣⁣
+ 3 ice cubes ⁣⁣
+ 3/4 cup Greek yogurt, vanilla flavor⁣⁣
Place all ingredients into a blender, blend on high until smooth 🌪, and enjoy! ❤️

Always Follow Your Passion

Always follow your passion because it will help you overcome the obstacles that will surely arise in the process of starting a business or moving up in a career.😎
If you show enthusiasm while sharing your work, you will be more inclined to connect with the right people for your business. 💪
It will also allow you to work harder and get better at the work you do. 🦋

One Love ❤️

6 steps to help you get out of your comfort zone

You need to get out of our comfort zone, to move on with your life and to do more than you could before. If you feel stuck but still do the same thing over and over, nothing will ever change. Don’t let fear or anxiety keeping you from trying. It’s easy to understand why people enjoy being comfortable. You get in a routine. You feel in control. You can predict what’s going to happen. Although stepping outside your comfort zone can look and feel scary, the abundance of benefits that exist on the other side of a little temporary discomfort are totally worth it. Face your fears and try, if your don’t try you don’t know if you’re capable of making the change in your life, that will bring you happiness and joy.

  1. Be well prepared

Information is power. When you’re starting something, gather as much information as you can, so you know what you’re talking about. For example if you are selling a product or a business, your need to know the ingredients and compensation plan for your business. If you don’t have all the information you’re going to be scared and stressed to talk about the product, so you wont be relaxed and prospecting as much as you should. Be honest, don’t say things that you don’t know or understand, it could hurt you later.

  1. Make a plan

Do it step by step, little by little and be consistent. Start small, like if you’re going to make a video, do a live or record it for a few minutes. If you decide to do a video once a week, do it, don’t procrastinate. At the start it will be hard but if you’re doing it consistently it will get easier. I promise!!

  1. Be positive, no matter what

When you start changing something in your life there will always be people telling you that you’re doing the wrong thing, its not for you, etc. There will be obstacles but you should remain positive. Do it for yourself, prove them wrong and don’t give up.

“Coming out of your comfort zone is tough in the beginning, chaotic in the middle, and awesome in the end…because in the end, it shows you a whole new world.” – Manoj Arora

  1. Hold yourself accountable

You’re always going to have good days and bad days. Say your plans out loud, tell someone, you will be more accountable because you don’t want to disappoint them or yourself. That’s how you push yourself. Write everything that you’re doing, it helps in the long run. Write your goals, it can be weekly or monthly and stick to them.

  1. Push further one day

When you have a routine, you do the same thing everyday. One day decide to push yourself and do twice the work you usually do. That’s how you improve and push your limits. Do something different like a 30 days challenge where you post a video or write a blog everyday for 30 days. It will push you and your business, thats how you improve.

  1. Follow the leader

Use the information you already have. Don’t reinvent the wheel, use the tools that you already have, don’t try do everything yourself. Being a perfectionist and a control freak will waste your time, if the leader is doing a training, plug your people in. You don’t have to do your own training. You can use that time to do different things.

Here is the Time Management link as promised in the video HERE